Special Lectures

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $5 per participant

SDCHM guest speakers include a variety of students, academics, and professionals who will share a unique viewpoint on their interesting topics. Bring the whole family because these lectures assume no prior knowledge, nonetheless, they offer fresh perspectives for those well versed in Chinese history, culture, and art. No two lectures are alike so keep checking our calendar for new and exciting topics.

The Conflict of Qin Shi Huang’s Legacy – Kathleen Dang, Education & Events Coordinator
Many great leaders have left behind a strong legacy that enables generations of students to learn about them hundreds and thousands of years after their rule. First Emperor of Qin, Qin Shi Huang is one of these immortal rulers, however, his place in culture has not always been full of praise. Seen as a powerful tyrant but also a great unifier; people in China and abroad hold their own opinions about the Emperor, which are varying in levels of approval. We will explore both his positive and negative depictions in politics, culture, and even here in San Diego.