The 3rd Saturday Lectures is an exciting monthly lecture program hosted by the SDCHM on every third Saturday of the month.  SDCHM guest speakers include students, academics, and professionals who will share a unique viewpoint on interesting topics.  Bring the whole family because these lectures assume no prior knowledge, nonetheless, they offer fresh perspectives for those well versed in Chinese history, culture, and art.  No two lectures are alike, so keep checking our calendar for new and exciting topics!

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On December 14 2019, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., Courtenay McGowen (Mingei International Museum of Art Board of Trustees Chair) will engage the public in a talk about a creature that has been a source of fascination for centuries–the dragon.  Nowadays, dragons are fixtures in pop culture, through franchises like How to Train Your Dragon, Dungeons and Dragons, and Game of Thrones.  However, the cultural history behind this creature as a type of ancient imagery that is inherited from our species’ innate fear of predators is not widely known.  Through “Dragons: Myth & Reality,” Courtenay will explore the history of dragons in folklore, folk craft, and art from across the world, while challenging participants to question how these creatures of great mythological strength came to be.  This lecture is held in conjunction with the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum’s ongoing exhibit, Dragons: Exploring the Symbolism Behind China’s Most Revered Creature (June 1 2019-January 26 2020). 

Free and open to the public, this lecture will be held at the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum’s Chuang Archive & Learning Center, located at 541 B Second Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101.  

General admission to Dragons: Exploring the Symbolism Behind China’s Most Revered Creature at the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum’s Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Extension (328 J Street, San Diego, CA 92101) is $5, which includes access to the Museum’s main building across the street (404 Third Ave).  All visitors under the age of 12 are welcome free of charge.