The 3rd Saturday Lectures is an exciting monthly lecture program hosted by SDCHM on every 3rd Saturday of the month. SDCHM guest speakers include a variety of students, academics, and professionals who will share a unique viewpoint on their interesting topics. Bring the whole family because these lectures assume no prior knowledge, nonetheless, they offer fresh perspectives for those well versed in Chinese history, culture, and art. No two lectures are alike so keep checking our calendar for new and exciting topics!

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Saturday, October 20 | 2-4 p.m., SDCHM Chuang Archive & Learning Center @ 541 Second Ave, Downtown San Diego

Our next Third Saturday Lecture will feature special guest Susie Lan Cassel, professor of literature and writing studies at California State University San Marcos. She is published widely in the fields of Chinese American history, oral history and composition studies. She is editing the scholarly edition of the Ah Quin Diary, which is forthcoming from Stanford University.

In the decade leading up the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Law, Ah Quin lived in and around the largest Chinatown in America, which not coincidentally became the hub for Denis Kearney’s “The Chinese Must Go!” Workingmen’s movement.  Living in the midst of anti-Chinese hostility, Ah Quin, like many of his countrymen, regularly retreated to the Chinese theaters and the five different Chinese Christian Missions within the twelve-block perimeter of Chinatown.  Methodist Minister Otis Gibson thought the Chinese theater and Christianity were contradictory forces. What did they represent for Ah Quin and why did he, and so many like him, visit the churches and theaters hundreds of times, at nearly every chance they had and often  on the same evenings? Why did these particular entities enjoy their Golden Ages at a time when Chinese were most denigrated in this country?

Join us to  hear award-winning Professor Susie Lan Cassel discuss her current research.