San Diego Chinese Historical Museum Welcomes Young Global Phenomenons for Bravo! International Music Academy Concert

August 1, 2018


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San Diego, CA, August 1, 2018 – The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum (SDCHM), in collaboration with the San Diego Chinese Choral Society, is hosting a concert titled “A Bridge to Connect” on Saturday, August 11 at 3:00 p.m. at their event space at 541 Second Avenue. This concert will be the first off-site concert for students of the Bravo International Music Academy (BIMA), a two-week music immersion program hosted at San Diego State University for young musicians.

“The name of our concert, ‘A Bridge to Connect’, stems from our effort to connect students and masters, young talents to music lovers and the practice room to the concert stage,” said BIMA Executive Director Stanny Shiu. “I’m looking forward to this special collaboration between SDCHM and BIMA, as history and art coming together to make our hometown an even more special place to live and visit.”

Strings and piano students from around the world, from as far as China to as close as San Diego, come together for this intensive classical music academy where they can further develop their craft and perform for audiences.

“Part of the museum’s mission is to educate and inspire the community,” said SDCHM Board Chair Michael Yee. “This concert provides an excellent opportunity to do so with our patrons and members having the chance to meet young and extremely talented musicians and enjoy their performance.”

For more information about the concert of other museum events, visit or call (619) 338-9888.

About San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum (SDCHM) is one of few US institutions dedicated to Chinese history, art and culture and the Chinese American experience.  In the 30+ years as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, SDCHM has transformed a historic, abandoned building downtown in what was once San Diego’s Chinatown into a state-of-the-art multi-site museum that plays a critical role in the cultural life of the San Diego community. Over the past twenty years, SDCHM has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors, collected thousands of ethnographic artifacts, and hosted hundreds of educational programs and exhibitions. SDCHM’s mission is to educate and inspire by preserving and celebrating the richness of Chinese history, art, culture and the contributions of Chinese Americans. For more information about the museum, call 619-388-9888 or visit

About Bravo! International Music Academy

The Bravo! International Music Academy (BIMA) is a collaborative, tailor-made music education festival. The non-profit organization aims to create a unique, inter-cultural platform for the world’s most outstanding young student musicians, to help nurture and support them as they navigate the journey from the practice room to the concert hall. BIMA is the first conservatory level program ever held in San Diego, proving high-level intensive classical music education. For more information about the organization, visit