Greetings friends and first-time visitors to SDCHM,

The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum (SDCHM) is one of few U.S. institutions dedicated to sharing the Chinese American experience and to promoting Chinese art and culture.   

As a museum AND community organization, we believe that celebrating diversity and multiculturalism is important. With a year-round program of special exhibitions, a dynamic program of educational programs (including our lecture series and historical walking tours), and classes and workshops for kids and adults, we hope you’ll make SDCHM your own, whether your visit is virtual or in person.

We look forward to continuing to refresh our galleries and to further invigorating our public programs with you, our patron, in mind. While we are extremely proud of what we have accomplished, we are an evolving museum. The Board, Staff, and I wish to hear from you about how to make your museum even more relevant and responsive to the community.

We are a Chinese culture-driven museum, yet we believe SDCHM is for everyone! We look forward to seeing you at SDCHM soon.

Juliana Gay, Executive Director