The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum provides a variety of opportunities for diverse audiences to experience Chinese and Chinese American arts, culture, and history. Our education programs share Chinese history and the contributions of Chinese Americans at schools around San Diego County. Monthly lectures delve into the intrigues of China’s past and the art of China’s present, and monthly walking tours uncover the multicultural history of San Diego’s Asian Pacific Historic District. Renowned scholars and accomplished artists stop by to present their latest insights and achievements. Original exhibitions share both the history of San Diego’s Chinatown and highlight aspects of the broader heritage from which it sprung. And the museum brings our diverse community together to celebrate holidays like Chinese New Year, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, and to commemorate Veterans Day.

In 1996, San Diego Chinese Americans founded this museum that has since expanded to encompass three state-of-the-art facilities  The museum is a nonprofit organization that is funded by local and international patrons as well as the City and County of San Diego. We are the only museum in the United States dedicated to both Chinese and Chinese American history, which puts us in the ideal position to facilitate cross-cultural communication and understanding.