Upcoming Exhibitions

Salute to WWII Flying Tigers in China

October 1-November 13 2016

Chinese men and women crossed the Pacific Ocean to find wealth and prosperity in “Gold Mountain” in order to escape the widespread poverty of their homeland. Lee Yik-Gim, a Chinese man who worked on the Northern Pacific Railroad in the 1880s, had an extraordinary experience of his own. Native Americans captured him and he lived with them for two years before arriving in Baltimore. This fantastic story is one of the many scenarios of what could have happened during this unique encounter of a Chinese immigrant and Native American tribe.

The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum will be presenting highlights from the photo exhibition, “Salute to WWII Flying Tigers in China,” curated by Pedro Chan 陳燦培, Director of the American Flying Tigers Institute. Included in this special exhibition will be select Flying Tigers articles and artifacts from SDCHM’s permanent collection.